Fern Plant

Embrace a zero-waste and time-efficient gift packaging option with our stylish artisan-made fabric gift bags.

Traditional techniques such as silk screen printing and batik are used to handcraft beautifully illustrated designs on to these 100% cotton fabric.

They are a gift in themselves as they can be washed and reused, passed on to loved ones or kept forever.

REUSE or REPURPOSE and enjoy the act of giving!

All our tote gift bags come with strong handles, a decorative hand-stitched tassel and a removable canvas stiffener in the base for added shape and durability.

Made from 100% cotton fabric which is hand dyed and then silk screen printed in lustrous gold ink.


Large: H30cm x W34cm x D10cm

Medium: H19cm x W23cm x D9cm

Small: H14cm x W17cm x D7cm


100% cotton 

Paper Mirchi focuses on creating luxury, handmade, recyclable and sustainable handmade papers. Green products are poised to be the future of retail. We use 100% tree-free recycled cotton paper and combine this with traditional textile processes such as hand printing, tie-dye and techniques such as hand marbling to create an exceptional range of gift wrap sheets.

Turquoise Gold Bees Luxury Reusable Fabric Gift Bag