Fern Plant

Jade rollers are making a big impact at the moment for their skin rejuvenating properties.

Gently rolling up and outwards on your face (using a serum) helps relieve bloated or puffy looking skin and brings the blood to the surface to create an all day glow.

Ideally use in the morning to wake up your skin (Little tip- it is great used first thing when placed in the fridge overnight!)

It is double ended so you can use big strokes on cheeks, neck and forehead or smaller, more delicate strokes on eye, eyebrow and lip areas.

The Gua Sha tool is great for using on accupressure points such as along the eyebrows, up the jaw and near the ears and temple. This helps reduce any tension you might be have especially if you clench your jaw or work at a computer and unknowingly frown whilst working.

Perfect to use in the evening along with our skin recovery concentrate before bed to relax any achy muscles so you can wake up with fresh, unwrinkled skin.

Set includes:

- A double sided Jade roller

- A Gua Sha

- A velvet bag to store everything in


See our other listings for our skin recovery set which includes these and our serum.

All items are securely wrapped in acid free tissue paper, sealed with a luxury wax seal then posted in a sustainable, quality gift box.

All of our Wild Living products are handcrafted in the UK and use natural, sustainable ingredients that are never tested on animals.

Disclaimer: These products are handmade using quality, natural ingredients that are designed for holistic self care and wellbeing. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always check with your doctor if you are looking to include new ingredients into your skincare regime.

Jade Roller and Gua Sha Set