Fern Plant
Every Kind of Beautiful is a collection of poems, prayers & daydreams, written during 2020, when beauty still glistened all around; in the flowers, in everyday courage, in friendship, in the stars and the moon.

Written by Charlie Woolley, the founder of The Hidden Pearl Studio. A book to inspire and encourage you; full of stunningly profound short poems about nature and the connectedness to God and ourselves that it brings us. 

Laced throughout with beautiful poems that will help your soul learn the gentle art of kindness towards ourselves, especially in the hard seasons of life. 

176 pages of dreamy writing to dive into. “A sun-kissed heart sees beauty hidden in all things. Open up and let the Light in.”

Made in United Kingdom

A bit about The Hidden Pearl Studio:
The Hidden Pearl Studio was created in 2017 by Charlie Woolley. Charlie dreams in pink moons, stars and flowers, but also knows that life can be really tough sometimes. She loves to design cards, poetry books and prints that bring words of life and hope to people's hearts. After walking through some hard seasons herself, Charlie loves nothing more than to reassure people that they are not alone. And greeting cards is just one of the lovely ways of doing that. 
Charlie works from her dreamy home studio in beautiful rural Norfolk, England, alongside her sweet ginger cat Simba, where she is inspired by the magic and wonder of the ordinary everyday moments, nature in all its glory and anything beautiful.

Every Kind Of Beautiful Poetry Book