Fern Plant
The BeautyPro Rose Infused Sheet Mask is a calming and soothing treatment that reduces irritation and redness. 

Providing anti-inflammatory properties, the formula softens and relieves the skin, resulting in the face feeling relaxed and replenished. 

Calming Anti-ageing Healing Toning Moisturising Rich in botanical extracts, this treatment thoroughly cleanses the skin of toxins, as well as healing and disinfecting the area to prevent and treat blemishes or irritation. 

Hand picked Bulgarian Rose is a powerful healing and anti-ageing ingredient: toning, moisturizing and tightening the area, resulting in soft, youthful looking skin. 

Rose also conditions and relieves the skin, bringing instant results to dehydrated or dry areas. It will help to retain the moisture, aiding your skin health and encouraging the cells to circulate nutrients. 

This mask is 100% plant based, water free and made with biodegradable bamboo fibres. Certified by the Vegan Society and PETA.

BeautyPro Rose Infused Sheet Mask