Fern Plant
The BeautyPro Plant Based Turmeric Infused Sheet Mask is a cell renewing treatment that will encourage healthy growth and refresh the skin. 

This is the perfect choice for those with damaged or dull skin as it will smooth, even and renew the complexion to leave you with a healthy glow. 

Hydrating Anti-ageing Brightening Renewing Reparative As well as encouraging healthy growth, this Turmeric mask works to provide anti-ageing properties: brightening dark circles or pigmentation, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and firming the skin. 

This antioxidant rich formula protects the skin from free radicals, enhances elasticity and ensures it feels smooth and toned. Harnessing the power of natural fruit enzymes, superfoods and AHAs, this treatment deeply hydrates and protects skin, leaving it glowing and replenished. 

This mask is 100% plant based, water free and made with biodegradable bamboo fibres. Certified by the Vegan Society and PETA. 

Key Ingredients: Turmeric, Sugar Cane, Soya Bean

BeautyPro Plant Based Turmeric Infused Sheet Mask