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Our Bamboo Straws are fully biodegradable, reusable and environmentally friendly. Sustainable and made of high-quality bamboo. They do not affect the taste of the drink.


The straws are 15cm and come in a set of 4 with a cleaner.


Care: wash in warm water before first use. The straws are compostable at the end of their lives.


BEAUTIFUL DESIGN - Bamboo reusable drinking straws, unique appeal. A natural beauty you won’t get from plastics and cold-looking metals.


VERSATILE & RESISTANT - Use the straws whatever the temperature of the beverage is. Bamboo doesn’t shrink or burn your lips.


BETTER FOR THE ENVIRONMENT - A renewable resource that grows quickly and doesn’t require pesticides, artificial irrigation or replanting.


EASY MAINTENANCE - Durable material, resists water, and will not absorb stains or odours. Handwash with warm soapy water and air dry.

Made in Indonesia

Bamboo Straw Set