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Wild Swimming Hot And Cold Experience

We are lucky enough to live in walking distance to the wonderful Sparth Reservoir between Marsden and Slaithwaite. Even luckier still that it is a wild swimming spot favoured by many locals.

With this in mind, we decided to have a 'hot and cold' experience courtesy of Wim Hof. His idea being that exposure to cold, breathing exercises and meditation all come with a whole host of benefits including increased energy, better sleep and a boosted immune system (just what we need this time of year!)

So we squeezed into our full body swimsuits and started this beautiful Autumn day with a wild swim:

Incase you haven't guessed, it's cold. We mean COLD! I am not quite sure how the wild women of Marsden do it without full body swimsuits like these. (By the way should you be local and wish to join their swim group you can find the link here.)

Even though it looks shallow, we did actually manage to swim! However, our one advice would be to get some swim gloves on too as it was so cold we couldn't swim for too long without losing the feeling in them completely (not pleasant!)

After a good swim we put out hats back on and did the brisk walk home.

What would be the most perfect way to warm up after such a fresh wake up call? Yep, we peeled off our suits (rather ungracefully it must be said) and jumped in The Cabana hot tub. The contrast from cold to warm is supposed to be excellent for boosting your immune system, plus it felt amazing!

Followed by a session in The River Spa Sauna to sweat it out even more.

Finally, a well deserved coffee and cake back in The Cabana to finish the day off.

All in all, this is an experience we would definitely do again and would definitely advise others to get their cold on too!

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