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Wild Living Issue Two- It's All About Wildflowers

With this next issue of the magazine, I was invested in using wildflowers in different ways throughout and I had this vision of creating a few cakes and bakes using edible ones to decorate them and that these would be used for the front cover.

I struggled for so long trying to find enough edible flowers and really gave up hope until I asked the angel that is Alison from Flowers From The Garden. She had edible flowers and more... with bells on! And I am just so grateful for your generous donation as the cover and the desserts turned out better then I could ever have imagined. It is so heartwarming when there is so much talent literally on your doorstep and how great it is to see what we are capable of when we work together.

For those who are interested, the recipes for everything here can be found in this magazine issue.

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