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Walking Therapy- Mental Health Awareness Week

Updated: May 13, 2021

I've been really honest from the beginning in the reasons why I created this business, and if you have read the magazine you can see that I have also shared a brief description of my mental health journey in there. Whilst I am not quite ready to share my whole story over the past years, I will definitely share anything that I have found to benefit my health and wellbeing and get me connected back to 'myself.' Plus with it being mental health awareness week and the theme being nature, it seems too much of a coincidence for me not to share this.

Having always been drawn to therapy but never taking the time to do it, I decided recently that focusing on physical wellbeing with good food, exercise and self care rituals, plus anything else that is included with this business was pointless if my mental wellbeing was not okay, and it was not and has not been okay for a long time.

Being a bit of an awkward person, the idea of opening up with a stranger made me a bit nervous and so after some research, the stars aligned and I came across my lovely therapist who specialises in walking therapy.

Walking therapy is literally what it says on the tin. You get all the benefits of a professional therapist but instead of meeting in an talking in a room, you are outdoors in nature.

I have really enjoyed it and surprised myself with how easily I have adapted to therapy. We walk and talk and sit and talk and walk some more. All in beautiful surroundings.

If you are at all curious about therapy but are a bit scared of taking the steps, like I was, I would definitely advise this as an option. Search online for your local walking therapists, I bet you will be surprised at how much you enjoy it too.

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