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These past few weeks have been really crazy. I promised myself that editing the magazine this time round was going to be a lot easier (as it took up a lot of my time and mental space the first time around.) But with the amount of extra pages, new designs and content, amazing stories and awesome people I want added it has required me to focus even more to get it finished.

In doing so, it has been harder to keep up with posting regular blog recipes, DIY, self care ideas etc... And I just wanted to let you know that I haven't disappeared, I am just working really hard behind the scenes at the moment. For all of those who have joined me for this second issue of the magazine I am just overwhelmed with how amazing you all have been! I can't wait to share it with everyone when it is done (which is definitely not long now!)

In a brief moment I had not focused on the mag, I decided to create some new artwork. This is called Visualise and is quite fitting with my current situation, which must have been why I created it. The meaning behind it being that when you are doing what you love, life around you will blossom... Keep focused and keep inline with your true self, it won't be long now before you see it all come to life.

Visualise Third Eye Heart Print available here

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