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The National Day Of Sleep

Did you know that March 19th is actually national sleep day? There is nothing more important then getting the sleep you need every night so you can wake up every day and face everything that life throws at you.

We all have those days when we have an overactive and overthinking mind which, let's face it, can be hard to shake when bedtime comes around. The stress can continue when you then start to worry about not being able to sleep too. It's basically just an endless stress circle which aims is to keep you anxious and more importantly awake.

Not only does sleep give you more clarity and help keep your mood and energy level high, it also regulates your hormones so your skin, hair and even your weight is dramatically improved. Plus your immune system steps up from a good night sleep so you are less likely to feel rubbish and end up catching a cold or the flu.

We have your sleep routine covered with the help of our Wild Dreamer Bath Ritual.

Our ritual card and meditation is designed to help you let go of what is on your mind and focus your intentions on getting the long, deep and wild sleep you deserve.

Whatever you do this weekend, be sure to allow yourself the gift of that lie in!

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