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The Best Vegan Mushroom And Thyme Soup

Who doesn't love a warm bowl of soup this winter time ey, who?! I guess for this one though you have to be a fan of mushrooms, as it is basically all mushroom. Luckily I love them, and mixed with thyme and a luscious vegan creamy roux, this soup feels indulgent whilst still remaining healthy and nutritious. It really is the best mushroom soup I have had yet!



1 punnet of white mushrooms

1 large white onion

4 tablespoons of vegan butter

A big glug of olive oil

2 cloves of garlic

3 tablespoons of all purpose flour

A splash of white wine (if you have it, but not necessary)

350ml of vegetable stock

Salt and pepper, to taste

A handful of thyme, de-sprigged

100ml of vegan cream

Dice your onion into small chunks, throw the olive oil in a pan on a medium heat and add the onion to soften. Stir regularly. Once they start to caramelise, add the splash of white wine and continue to stir and cook until it evaporates. Add the mushrooms, chopped and stir again.

Dice the garlic and add this, the thyme, salt and pepper and the butter to the pan. Stir and make sure all the mushrooms are coated before adding the flour a sprinkling at a time to create a thicker sauce. Stir continuously on a medium to low heat until all the flour is added. Slowly add the stock, again stirring at the same time. Once added leave to cook on a medium heat for 10 minutes.

Once cooked, take off the heat and use a hand blender to carefully mix together. Taste and add any more salt and pepper if needed. Then add the vegan cream and blend again.

Serve straight away with a sprinkling of thyme and pepper.

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