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The Benefits Of Hanging Eucalyptus On Your Bath Or Shower

We all love a handy life hack, especially when it's really easy like this one is. Eucalyptus is such a wonderful, inexpensive and refreshing plant. It has many benefits in oil form, but even in it's plant form it is incredibly useful to us.

When hung on your shower or tap, it can provide a beautiful aroma once the steam from the water releases the fragrance. This is not only a lovely addition to your bathing experience, but also excellent for helping with congestion and headaches. It's also a wonderful mood enhancer and great when you need some mental clarity.

All you need to do is grab a bunch and tie the stems together with twine. Then either wrap the branches around the tap so it falls just behind where the water would flow, or use twine to keep it in place too. Simples!


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