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Sweet Orange And Rosemary Soy Wax Candle

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

You may recall our Lavender and Rosemary DIY Soy Wax Candle (found here.) Well this recipe is not much different to make but instead you end up with a wonderfully vibrant and uplifting final result.



A large bag of ethically sourced soy wax flakes

Metal mixing bowl

Pan for the boiling water

Clean glass jar (we use old candle jars washed and dried.)

Candle wicks

Sticky pads to hold the wicks in place

Sweet orange essential oil (20 drops)

Rosemary essential oil (20 drops)


For the majority of the recipe we are following the same guidelines as this one only with different fragrances used. So do the same process, but when it comes time to add the oils, swap to the sweet orange and rosemary.

Forgo any botanicals this time (there will be plenty of opportunities for them with future creations.)

Carefully pour the hot wax into the jar whilst keeping a delicate hold of the wick. Fill it up to just below the top. You will need gloves or a tea towel to hold the bowl at this point.

Use some cutlery (if you are make shift like us) or a bamboo stick to wrap the top of the wick around and to keep it central whilst it dries.

Leave to cool and solidify.

When cooled and firm to touch, cut the wick to one inch from the candle.

Light and allow the delicious and uplifting smells invigorate your home!

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