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Sweet Orange and Rosemary Shea Butter Soap

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

This soap is so easy to make and melts like butter on your skin (but a nice lathery butter that cleans you.) With refreshing and uplifting Sweet Orange essential oils and clarifying Rosemary this is a match made in soapy heaven!

We use a ready-made natural melt and pour soap (often referred to as “soap base.”) It is simply pre-made soap that you can melt down, add scent and colourants to and create shapes using your own moulds. Melt-and-pour soap is especially great for beginners as it just makes the whole process quick and pain-free.

Our soap base is made with natural Shea Butter and Oatmeal which gives a smooth, creamy consistency and an off-white colour which looks great. You can, however make a soap base from scratch using these ingredients. Still, why make life hard when it is already done for you?



Shea butter and oatmeal melt and pour base

Sweet orange essential oil

Rosemary essential oil

Orange natural colouring

Silicone soap moulds


3 Simple ingredients are all you need to make these soaps usually: Soap base, essential oils and colouring. You can add more fun ingredients such as herbs and botanicals as you get more soap happy, but to start we will just keep it to these.

Most plastic soap moulds contain 4-6 soap cavities, and each cavity generally produces a 3-4 oz. bar of soap. As a rule you can convert 1oz of soap to just over 28g. This can help when measuring your soap to melt and pour the exact amount for each mould. For instance a 3oz soap mould we would be looking at about 85g of soap base.

Four a mould like ours (with 6 sections at 3oz each) you would be looking to use about 500g or half a 1kg tub.

Start by chopping your base into chunks and adding to a heatproof bowl on a bain marie on a medium heat. Stir continuously with a wooden spoon until fully melted. You can also microwave your soap by putting the chunks in a microwave safe container and blasting it for 30 seconds at a time until it's melted fully.

Be aware not to overheat your soap, Shea butter can melt very quickly so keep an eye on it.

Once melted, take off the heat and leave to cool for a minute or two (though not much longer as it can cool very quickly!) Then it's time to add the oils. A good rule of thumb that most places use is about 5-6 teaspoons (approx 30ml) of scent per kg of soap base. Given that these melt and pour moulds are approximately half a tubs worth of soap base, this means we are looking at about round 2.5-3 teaspoons (approx 15ml) of essential oils in total to match.

To keep it simple, we used about 20 drops of each of the Sweet Orange and Rosemary oils per soap bar, but as always use to your preferred scent.

Next it is time to add the colour. We would suggest adding a couple of drops at a time and mixing it in to get your preferred colour. Obviously the more drops you add the more vibrant the final colour.

Mix all together well and then pour into the moulds. Leave to dry fully and then pop out like so- Ooooh so smooth!

You can leave the soap plain and ready to use, or you can decorate with dried oranges and twine like so.

You’ll quickly realise that melt and pour soap is magic. Homemade soap makes a great gift, especially this flavour at Christmas time.

To store, keep in a jar with a tight lid to make sure each soap retains as much scent as possible for when it's time to use!

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