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Sweet Orange And Rosemary Bath Time Ritual

What are Sunday's made for if not to relax and indulge in some self care (especially if you might have had a few too many vinos the night before!) We have been working on all the DIY self care items needed for this ritual over the past couple of weeks so everything you need is on the blog now to create this treat including the:

All Sweet Orange and Rosemary of course!

What's great about this oil duo is that it works as an uplifter during these darker, winter months. They are also ideal for those who have had to work hard over the past months and need a little mental clarity before the rush of Christmas begins.

To begin start to fill your bath with warm water.

Add a few drops of the oil into the water stream so as to help disperse the oils and help the smell radiate around the entire bathroom.

Sprinkle in your bath salts, a couple of scoops will do.

Light your candle and set an intention for this moment of sanctuary. Whether that be to simply allow yourself to switch off and relax, or for the bath to wash away any worries or tension you might have had about a specific situation.

Climb in and allow the heat to warm your body. Use the soap to wash away the day and the oils to moisturise your skin.

Then lay back and relax, breathe in the essential oils and breathe out any stress. Allow any tension to float away with the steam and enjoy the tranquility of your own company for this moment just for you.

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