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Some Light Reading

I used to read when I was younger, not loads but way more than I do now. I'm not sure what happened over the past 10-15 years but sitting down and reading a book became harder and harder. My mind couldn't focus, I couldn't be bothered choosing something and it genuinely felt like my brain couldn't retain any new information (that's what over-drinking and does to you!)

So now I am on this new 'wild living' journey, I have fallen back in love again with anything that involved self exploration or growth. Including the famous oldies that have always been highly acclaimed and yet I have never had the joy of reading like Women who run with the wolves (I am really excited for this one!)

One business that has really lit a fire in me is Rising Woman she is so amazing, I just can't celebrate her work on relationships and female empowerment enough (do check her out.) Anyhoo, there is a suggested book list on the website which prompted me to order 9 books (I know, one would probably have been enough) but I am so keen to make up for lost time I just feel a kid in a sweet shop, so excited to learn and connect again.

I am also constantly inspired by my sister, and good friend Nicola who are real readers and are always suggesting great books (check out Nicola's book inspiration on insta here.) So it's safe to say I've a random mixture going on at the moment- And these are just the first 5, I've more coming!

I will let you know how I get on via my Instagram READS story.

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