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I have often heard that in order to overcome sadness we must focus on the 'positive.' We mustn't be a slave to the so called 'bad' thoughts and talk only of what we wish to see come to fruition in our lives. I have come to realise over the past years that all our feelings are valid and by ignoring them we are never really sat comfortably at home with ourselves and our minds. Not being able to talk or feel your truth is stifling, it's exhausting.

In many ways, constantly attempting to be happy is, in itself, more detrimental to your health and wellbeing then pain, anger or fear. Running away, after all will tire out even the strongest person given enough time.

The strength, I believe, comes from allowing your emotions to wash over you and for you to simply witness them. For, just like in a horror movie when the monsters lurk in the shadows, once you face them and even name them, even if they are still scary to look at, they have no power over you any more.

You cannot be happy all the time and I feel people need to stop being scared of this idea as, just like the monster, being frightened of it or pretending to ignore it gives it more power then simply just accepting it.

I say, when a so called 'negative' feeling shows, don't just acknowledge it, go all in on that bad boy. Get the sad songs on, dive into the hurt, feel the fear and do it anyway. You might not feel better, but at least you will be true to yourself and the world needs more of that.

With that in mind, today will be spent in a warm bath with a the music of Laura Marling and spot of sadness for company.

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