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Self Care Is How You Get Your Power Back

I apologise for being fairly quiet this week. I needed some down time to get myself back to full working order before the madness that will be these next few months. (Which, in code means I needed some lazy ass days before I decide to then work it off until, I retire probably.) I looked at my list of to dos at the beginning of this week and you know when there is just so much to do that you just become paralysed and do nothing instead? Well yeah, sames. However, having just a couple of days off not thinking about work has given my mind the break it needed to come back full throttle. I've had a bit of a creative block for a few weeks now and things just weren't flowing like I wanted them to. I can't remember the last time I have drawn any new designs, for instance and given that my livelihood depends on that, I was quite worried. But you see, stress is just like a giant bucket of cold water to my creativity and so the more I pushed, the worse my ideas were.

Now though, after just a few days off, I've so many ideas literally exploding from my brain and the creativity is finally flowing again (which is great because I am going to need a hell of a lot of it for the next few weeks!)

Anyway, the moral of the story is when your business relies on you solely to run it you need to make sure you find the difference between running it and BEING it. You are not your business, you are a human being with ideas and dreams and sometimes this can get lost in all the hard work of everything that is involved in keeping a business alive. So make sure you take time out regularly to remember who you are (aside from a MF queen obviously!)

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