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Scary Adult Things

So a bit of a random one, but I had the joy of being filmed a year or so ago by the wonderful @duncancowles for his new series Scary Adult Things.

It is a 6-part TV series to explore millennial problems in an off-the-wall documentary and will follow Duncan as he hurtles into his 30’s, still living at home with his parents. He looks around at his peers and attempts to answer the question most millennials wrestle with, ‘am I doing this right?’

I have a good chunky (literally and figuratively 😂) feature towards the end of the first episode 'digs' as I show him round my garage/ home conversion as a possible option for him to do himself too. (Although I think I may have put him and everyone else off with the amount of things I say have gone wrong with the conversion along the way thanks to my skills, or lack there of 😂)

It was really fun to film and the series itself is definitely worth a watch 👌

Watch on BBC Scotland Iplayer here

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