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Sarah Beeny

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

It's been a whopping 6 years ago since my first appearance on Kirstie's best of both Worlds for my house (which is basically just a 25 year old me plodding around the house with bright orange hair while they tried to film me looking vaguely normal.)

And yet in spite of this, I've also been lucky enough to get an appearance on the more recent 'Sarah Beeny's how to live mortgage free' in 2017, which is still actually on Netflix now for your viewing pleasure (please don't judge my poor TV skills and Manchester accent to harshly.)

The Studio was originally a cluster of disused garages with endless potential and now, after 10 years of hard labour is the place I am lucky enough to call my home. It has been an ongoing personal project with the help of many different talented people along with way, about 4 full interior renovations and endless upkeep to get it where it is today (a partially finished shell for me to try and finish before the year is up!) Whilst I loved this place, I never really thought very much of the project, so I was delighted that it was picked up by a number of publications as well as these TV series wanting to share my story.

For those interested, you will often find updates of The Studio in all it's rough and ready glory on the blog. Hopefully one day I will finally get it all finished, but when that day will be I have no clue!

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