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Rosewater & Witch Hazel Facial Toner

Apologies for not posting for a while we have been SUPER busy here getting everything for the new magazine ready. (For those who have ordered one, they should officially be with you within the week- but we will keep you updated obviously as and when they are back from the printers- So excited!) Anyhoo, as we have fallen behind a bit with our regular updates, I thought it was time to share one of our favourite natural skincare makes: The Rosewater Toner. Basically this is the adult version of when you would put rose petals in water when you were younger and then rub it all over your face- Did anyone else do that? The truth is, there was a reason why everyone did it, it really is wonderful for the skin. We have just elaborated slightly on the ingredients here to make it even better.

Some toners can also be too harsh for the skin and strip it of it's natural oils. Not this one, no no. As well as being incredibly gentle, it smells wonderful, is cost effective and really easy to make. Quadruple winner. Take a look at how to make it below.


Ingredients for a 150ml bottle:

1 150ml spray bottle

100ml of rosewater (available from most supermarkets.)

50ml of witch hazel

15 drops of lavender essential oil

15 drops of geranium essential oil

3 drops of vitamin E oil


Start by filling your bottle with the witch hazel, essential oils and vitamin E oil, then close the lid and shake well. The witch hazel will allow the essential oils to disperse better.

Now fill with rose water, close the lid, shake again and bish bash bosh, your done!

Use after cleansing your face to get rid of any excess oils. Spray on a cotton pad and softly wipe all over your face in an upward motion, or spray directly on to your face as a refreshing mist (remember to always keep away from your eyes.) TIP: This also makes a really great make up fixer if you spray a light amount on your face after you have applied your make up.

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