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Roasted Leftover Over Lemon And Herb Veg

A simple, yet delicious recipe. This is a great way to use up any extra veg you have lying around that may be close to it's expiration date.

Great as a side dish or the main course, these herby veggies can be added to salads, nourish bowls, pastas, pizzas or eaten just as they are.



Whatever vegetables you have leftover, I have used carrots, red onion, cauliflower, courgette and beetroot.

1 Large Lemon

Fresh Rosemary

Fresh Thyme

A big glug of Olive Oil

Salt and pepper, to taste


Roughly chop your veg and add to a baking pot. Cover with olive oil and salt and pepper.

Chop your lemon in half and use the juice of one half to squeeze over the veg. Slice the other and leave to one side. De-sprigg a handful of each of the rosemary and thyme and sprinkle on the veg. Then using your hands cover everything in the juice, herbs and oil. Spread the veg out evenly and lay the lemon slices on top. Place in the oven on 180 degrees for about 25-30 minutes (times may differ depending on the veg you use.)

Once cooked, I used mine in a nourish bowl with spinach, couscous, hummus and a sprinkling of seeds for extra vitamins. But as I say these are also great added to pasta or even use on top of pizza with a sprinkling of feta.

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