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Reusable Tea Bags- Magazine Feature

If you have bought the newest issue of our Wild Living Mag you will have come across our new obsession that is reusable Tea Bags!

We have added a total of 4 different crafts in there where you can use these bad boys, from wardrobe/ drawer scented pouches to hair masks and shoe deodorisers! There is so much you can do with them... Aside from just using them as actual tea bags of course👌

One of my fave makes with these are Botanical Tub Teas. All you do is fill your bag with a mixture of salts, oils and botanicals, tie it up and throw in your hot tub water for a bath made for kings, without all the mess to clean up after (as someone who loves a good botanical bath, I can vouch this is annoying!)

We have created two different, decadent scents here for you to try:

Breathe Easy:

- 3 tbsp Epson salts

- 10 drops Peppermint oil

- 10 drops Eucalyptus oil

- 5 drops Rosemary oil

- Dried min leaves

Rose and Chamomile:

- 1 tbsp Epson salts

- 1 tbsp Pink Himalayan salts

- 20 drops of Rose oil

- Dried Rose buds and petals

- Dried Chamomile flowers

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