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Renewing Eucalyptus And Lemongrass DIY Candle

Oh boy is it cold outside at the moment. This means extra heaters on indoors and no windows or doors open to allow the air to circulate, which can in turn, equal stuffiness.

This candle is a great way to cleanse the space, allow some refreshing smells in and cut through some of that stagnant air in a room, all without letting any of the cool outside air in. Plus it smells divine!



1 recycled glass jar

A large bag of ethically sourced soy wax flakes

Metal mixing bowl

Pan for the boiling water

Candle wicks

Sticky pads to hold the wicks in place

Eucalyptus essential oil

Lemongrass essential oil

Lavender essential oil


We have been dying to use this blue recycled candle jar for so long and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. It is always great using recycled items where possible and it really creates an even lovelier finished look too. This does mean, however that the ratios will change depending on your chosen jar, so read the instructions and ratio advice in the link below.

The basic instructions to all of our candles can be found here.

The only difference is the essential oils used. For this sized jar (approximately 750ml) we used 20 drops of both eucalyptus and lemongrass and then just 10 of lavender. We have also needed to use two wicks in ours so it would burn evenly, but this is not necessary for a usual 400ml jar for instance.

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