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Relaxing Lavender and Rosemary Soy wax candle

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Everyone loves candles, and given the amount we go through here it was definitely worth the investment to start creating our own.

You can buy a soy candle making starter kit from most online suppliers but it's worth going for top quality, ethically sourced Soy wax as it will burn super smoothly and not leave a sooty residue all over your walls. The same goes for the essential oils- the better the quality, the longer the delicious smells will radiate around your home.

For this candle we have opted for Lavender to aid relaxation and Rosemary as it is great for mental clarity. They are a great combination for those with a lot on their mind and in need of some time to unwind. (I feel there could be a song there?)

Candles are great fun to make, easy to do and a very therapeutic craft which can be done with most family members. They also make thoughtful gifts for those opting for handmade gifts this Christmas, or any occasion!



A large bag of ethically sourced soy wax flakes

Metal mixing bowl

Pan for the boiling water

Clean glass jar (we use old candle jars washed and dried.)

Candle wicks

Sticky pads to hold the wicks in place

Essential oils or candle fragrances of choice (It's worth noting that you can use a fair amount of essential oil per candle which is why it is good to opt for fragrances too.)

Botanicals such as dried Lavender, herbs, Rose petals etc.


The basis to most soy candles is the same:

Have a pan filled half with water brought to the boil. Place a metal bowl over the top, to create a Bain-marie

So before you add the soy flakes, it's clear that if you are using different, recycled jars that the amount needed will differ. Also because it is sold in flakes and not liquid there will be a slight difference in the final melted amount. We suggest adding roughly 1 and 1/2 your jar liquid volume amount for your first time as you can always add more. If you have any left over you can also re-use it so nothing is wasted. Then you will have an idea from then on the amount needed for your jar sizes.

Add the soya flakes and gently melt down the liquid on a medium heat stirring with a wooden spoon every now and then.

Place the wick in the centre of the jar using the sticky pad attached to the metal base to keep it in place.

Once the wax is melted, take it off the heat and add your essential oils. (We add approximately 30/40 drops of total essential oil per 8oz candle, however this can obviously change with the candle size but also the different scents used. We always say the best way to get your ideal scent is by eye and by nose. Add a few drops at a time so you can mix and match your perfect scent and get it to the strength level you desire.) Add a sprinkle of the botanicals and stir together.

Carefully pour the hot wax into the jar whilst keeping a delicate hold of the wick. Fill it up to just below the top. You will need gloves or a tea towel to hold the bowl at this point.

Use some cutlery (if you are make shift like us) or a bamboo stick to wrap the top of the wick around and to keep it central whilst it dries.

Leave to cool and solidify.

When cooled and firm to touch, cut the wick to one inch from the candle.

Light and reap the rewards of your not-so hard work! Mmmmm...

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