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Recycled Fabric Wax Gift Wrap

Here's a nifty idea, that I actually did as presents for Christmas, took pictures of and then completely forgot about until now! If you are looking for gift wrap ideas with a little bit of an extra special touch then why not try using recycled fabric? We have touched on fabric gift wrap previously with the Furoshiki gift wrapping, so obviously you can see I am a fan. It just makes every present seem like you have given it some real thought and time plus it uses up all of the extra fabric scraps laying around.


You will need:

Fabric scraps


A gift/ gifts, preferably something small

String/ twine

Sealing wax (available online, you can use the pellets or the crayons)

A wax melt spoon or a normal spoon you don't use A candle

A wax seal stamp (again available online)


To begin, take your fabric and lay it on a flat surface. Trim and neaten and edges to make for as neat a fold as possible. Choose your gift (we have used our sweet orange and rosemary soaps as they make a tidy rectangle shape, ideal for wrapping. Next wrap the item like you would do with paper. Make sure to tuck under any frayed edges as you go and finish with the flaps at the top and bottom of your gift.

Now the fiddlier bit. Cut a long length of twine and hold one end on top of the flap of fabric on top of your gift. Wrap the twine repeatedly around the whole thing to trap the fabric and make sure it won't open (a handy way of not having to use sellotape.)

Finish back at the top and then tie the two ends together. Trim off any excess so there is just the knot left. Then it's time to heat up the wax. Grab your spoon and fill it with a few wax pellets, or cut off a small chunk from your wax crayons. Light your candle and hold it over the candle flame until it starts to melt (this might take a few minutes.) Once it looks something like this image above, take it off the heat and wait 10-20 seconds as we don't want it too runny.

Carefully pour the wax over the knot in your twine. Try your hardest to get a circle shape, but this can take some practice, trust me! Be sure not to take too long on this step as the wax will begin to harden.

Once you have the shape you like, use your wax stamp to seal everything shut. Push down gently and leave it in place if possible. You can remove it once it's hard.

I really believe these would be great gifts for baby showers, birthday favours or bachelorette parties if you are looking for a more natural/ handmade theme as you can make up the soaps in a batch and personalise each one with certain fabrics or even a personalise stamp.

Give it a go and let me know how they turned out.

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