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Plant Burger With Tomato Salsa And A Side Of Potato Salad (Vegan)

I hope you have all had a lovely Mother's day. Ours was spent chowing down on some delicious food and guzzling some pink stuff. To keep things a bit different from the usual afternoon tea, I decided to make some cracking plant based burgers topped with homemade salsa and a big side serving of the yummiest potato salad i've ever had, I kid you not.

Now these plant burgers are also something to shout about. They are honestly the best ones i've had yet. It's the Gro burger which I picked up from our local Coop and it is so juicy and jam packed with meaty flavour. I could have eaten 10, although after a BIG slice of my pistachio and lemon cake I probably won't eat again for a while now.

As most of the work is done for me with the burgers and vegan buns, all that was left to make was the salsa and potato salad, which makes this a really quick and easy recipe.


These recipes serve about 4 people.

To make the salsa:

4 large tomatoes

Half a red onion

A big glug of olive oil

Half a lime

A handful of coriander

Salt and pepper to taste

To make the potato salad:

1kg of baby potatoes

3 stalks of celery

3 salad onions

Vegan mayo

A teaspoon of english mustard

The Juice of half a lemon

Salt and pepper to taste


For the salsa, all you need to do is finely dice the veg, add to a bowl and then throw in your other ingredients. Mix and top your burgers.

For the potato salad, it's pretty much the same instructions except you need to quarter and boil your potatoes first.

When done add to a bowl, crush slightly with a fork and then add your chopped veg plus all your other ingredients. With the mayonnaise, how much or how little you add is your own preference, I like it quite creamy but you can add less if you are looking to make it a touch healthier.

Once everything is ready, make your burgers up. Add some simple shredded lettuce and even top with vegan cheese and mayo too if you like. You do you. I added a dollop of The Foraging Fox smoked garlic mayo and oof it was delicious, but there are other vegan options out there too.

Side it up with your tasty tater salad and you are good to go!

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