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Orange and Rosemary Bath Salts

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

You might have noticed a bit of an Sweet Orange and Rosemary theme with our last few self care posts, it's not that we are short of essential oil combinations- honest! There is a reason which shall all be revealed soon.

So, continuing on with the lovely uplifting and clarifying scents of these essential oils. This bath salt combo is incredibly quick and easy to make, as long as you have the ingredients all you need to do is combine them.



1 jar with tight seal lid (recycled ones work great!)

Coarse Himalayan salt (3/4 the volume your chosen jar)

Epson salt (1/4 the volume of your chosen jar)

Sweet Orange essential oil (20 drops)

Rosemary essential oil (20 drops)

Dried Rosemary

Dried orange slices

A wooden scoop (optional, but lovely!)


To begin, pour your salts into your jar so you know the amounts needed. Then decant into a mixing bowl.

Next add your oils.

Then add your herbs and orange slices (as many or as few as you like, the choice is yours!) Finally add the fresh rosemary, make sure it's finely chopped.

Blend well and transfer to the jar. Keep sealed between uses to make sure the scent stays lovely and fresh every time.

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