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New: Wild Dreamer Silk Aromatherapy Eye Mask

We are excited to share our newest Wild Dreamer product with you.

This silk eye mask is designed for the wild dreamers of the world who need a moment to breathe, let go and relax so you can then fall into a deep and magical sleep. Immerse your senses with lavender essential oils known for their relaxing properties and take a moment just for you, to be in the moment, let go of any stress or tension and create your wildest dreams. It includes a lavender bud and flaxseed filled aromatherapy inner cotton pouch and added lavender essential oils, with an outer cover made from 100% mulberry black silk that feels amazing on the skin.

Both the outer cover and inner pouch come with a zip opening so you can remove and hand wash the cover but also for easy access to the botanical pouch inside so you can add renew the lavender and flaxseed when the smell begins to fade.

Please note: The use of zips means that they are unable to be used in the microwave, however we would always suggest warming the inner pouch up on a radiator instead anyway then placing it in the cover to use as this will give a more controllable and long lasting heat and prevent any overheating or heat damage to the eyes or face.

It can also be cooled in the fridge if you would like to use it for cold therapy.

Available here

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