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Nettle Soup

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Another Nettle recipe here, but it's clear I am a fan. They have so many nutrients, are super tasty when cooked right and are so easy to pick up.

These beauties were harvested from my daily dog walk. Just be sure when you pick them to one: wear gloves and two: make sure they aren't in places with a lot of traffic... Be that cars, people or dogs!



5 tablespoons of butter/ dairy free butter

1 large white onion

A large bowl of nettle leaves

2 cloves of garlic powder (or 1 teaspoon of garlic powder)

750ml water (or 50/50 water and cream/ dairy free cream if you would like it to be richer)

A stock cube

Salt and Pepper


First off let's wash those nettles. I use a splash of apple cider vinegar too to get out any nasties that may be hidden. Then carefully pick off the leaves ready to cook.

Next add the butter to a pan and add the onion. Fry on a medium until the onion browns and looks delish.

Add the garlic powder and then throw in the nettles to stew a minute in the oil before adding the water and stock cube. Bring to the boil (if you are using cream just add the water first and bring to a boil before bringing down the heat and adding the cream so it doesn't curdle.)

Use a hand blender (or pour into a big blender) to mix it up well, and voila! It's really that easy, and it really does taste good. I throw some seeds on top for good measure and extra nutrition, but you could serve it up with some cheesy toasted muffins for added luxury.

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