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Moon Phases Clay Hanging

This clay hanging is the perfect boho addition to an interior wall or window and whilst perhaps a project for the slightly more crafty, it is still fairly easy to make.

You also will need to include a little bit of foraging too for this one as you will have to go in search of a good stick. I found this one on my usual dog walk one day and yes, I did proclaim that it was a 'good stick.' Some sticks are just better than others, it's a weird fact of the wild.


You will need:

Twine or string, I used white string as it was a touch more delicate and hangs better than twine.

Ready to roll white craft clay

A good stick

Either cookie cutters, or objects with a good circle base such as shot glasses or slim tumblers.

A bamboo skewer




Take your white clay and cut a chunk off depending on the size of the moons you would like, then roll it out to about half a cm thick. In all honestly I didn't use that much clay for this decoration, perhaps a 20x20cm square when all rolled out.

Remember that once you have taken what you want from the clay to close the packaging tight and seal it in an airtight container as it will dry out otherwise.

Once rolled out, use your circle shapes to cut out 5 circles all the same size and two smaller ones. Leave the two smaller and one of the larger circles as is (they will be the full moons) then use a shot glass or cookie cutter to cut a a small semi-circle chunk out of another two circles. Then again with another two, but make these slightly bigger chunks (these 4 will be the waxing/ waning moons)

Lay all of your moons flat and make sure they are in the correct format, like below, and symmetrical as possible (although a bit of wonkiness adds to the look!) Then take your skewer and push a hole in the top of all 7 moon pieces. This will be for the string.

Leave to dry overnight.

Whilst your clay is drying, take your stick and and use sandpaper to get rid of any unnecessary grime or bark. It doesn't need to be smooth and flawless, just a little neater.

Then take your string and tie knots along the length of the stick for where you want the moons to be and snip off at the length you would like them to hang (always better to make them a little longer just incase you make any mistakes.) Be sure to also tie a length of string from about 1/3rd in of each side of the stick so you can hang the whole decoration when done. When your clay is dry, you can either paint them or leave them natural like I have. They do look great painted gold though too, just FYI.

Loop the string into the holes of each moon and tie them tight (I don''t want any broken clay accidents on my watch!)

Et voila, a new decoration ready for it's pride of place.

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