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Mindfulness- Mental Health Awareness Week

Believe it or not, I used to meditate everyday when I was younger. There was one point where I could just slip in and out of consciousness so easily and the World moved that little bit slower.

Now I find it difficult to sit still for a few minutes without my mind wandering. Which I know is a common thing for everyone. Meditation can be hard, which is why I like mindfulness. Mindfulness is just that, being mindful of what you are doing when you are doing it. Not floating away into your thoughts or daydreaming at the same time, just literally doing what you are doing.

The thing that I find the hardest, oddly enough, is washing up. This is where I would have all of my fake arguments in my head or start spiralling out with worrying of fearful situations, all made up of course. The act of it actually makes me anxious because I have had so many bad times at that sink. Does anyone else have a place that makes them feel like this?

It's not the washing up's fault, of course, but my own creation of stress when doing the washing up has made me fearful of my own mind when I am forced to do it again (which is obviously often as plates always need washing!)

To help myself, I tried this mindfulness exercise for the senses and it worked. I then used it in my day to day life elsewhere whenever I feel anxious, stressed or just to relax me. Soon enough I found I was a lot more 'present' in most activities then I used to be and my mental health got way better, I was even noticeably more happy. It's also great when you are struggling getting to sleep as it makes you feel aware and a lot safer in your surroundings.

Don't let your thoughts rule you, they are just thoughts after all. There is always help for those who need it.

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