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Metabolism Boosting Water

I decided last week that my body was in need of some vitamins and detoxing (after a week of baking and cooking recipes for the mag and having to taste, or rather demolish everything I made...)

So I decided to try and concoct some water that can give me a bit of a boost, cleanse me from the inside out and also doesn't require too much effort, time is precious at the moment after all!

All I do is throw some of my leftover peels and slices of both orange and grapefruit in a jug, then add water and a tsp of ground ginger, stir and drink up! The orange gives me the vitamin C boost I crave and the Grapefruit and ginger help wake me up and also speed up my metabolism too which is awesome.

I go through two of these jugs a day and it has helped me feel so much lighter, kept me alert and prevented those afternoon slumps, plus I really do like the taste (but I am a ginger fan.) For those wondering where I got this ADORABLE jug and tumbler set (the tumbler goes in the top like the cutest little lid!) I picked it up from the garden centre near me, Newbank in Uppermill, go buy one and then we can be cool water drinking buddies ;)

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