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Lotus Biscuit Cheesecake

It is my uncle's birthday today and what better way to celebrate then with CAKE!

He has a love for Lotus biscuits and so what would be more fitting then a Lotus biscuit cheesecake? I mean just look at the joy that is this dessert... The crumbly biscuit base, the creamy middle, the Lotus biscuit caramel topping, pure indulgent joy!


This recipe makes about 8 portions

Ingredients for the crust: 200g Lotus biscuits

90g vegan butter

Ingredients for the filling:

800g of vegan cream cheese

150g icing sugar (or more if you like it sweeter) Ingredients for the topping:

200g of Lotus biscoff spread About 8 biscuits to crush and decorate


This cheesecake is actually really easy to make, which makes it all the more alluring.

To begin, crush your biscuits to a fine crumb and then add the plant butter, melted. Combine and them mix into a cake tin base and put in the fridge to set.

Next combine all the plant based cream cheese with the icing sugar and whisk together. Add on top of the base and place in the fridge once more to set for at least an hour. Finally melt the biscoff spread in a microwave for about 20-30 seconds and pour on top of the cake, it sets quite quickly so you will need to be fairly quick. Cut your biscuits in half and place 8 on top for show, then us the rest to crumble on top to finish. This cake is an absolute winner and so SO incredibly yum, you can't go wrong!

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