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Lemon And Blueberry Cookies (Vegan)

Does anyone feel that? The fresh, new air blowing... The sunshine peeping through the clouds... The first sight of new growth... Spring is 'a' coming! Honestly the idea of the seasons changing makes me so giddy, I can't wait to finally feel some warmth on my skin. To top it off we have finally got a light at the end of the tunnel with the new lockdown rules coming into place shortly. Soon we will be able to see friends and family and enjoy being able to do things again. Not forgetting to mention the final cherry on top... It's Friday. Things are looking up. As I was feeling a bit giddy with all of the above, I decided that this weekend was worthy of some cookies. Fresh spring-style cookies none the less, with zesty lemon and sweet blueberries. These are exactly what we all need right now and definitely make me excited for the next coming months.


This recipe makes about 6 large cookies

For the cookies:

150g of plain flour

100g of granulated sugar

The zest and juice of two lemons

1 tsp of bicarbonate of soda

75g of coconut oil, melted

1 tsp of vanilla extract

A pinch of salt

A handful of blueberries to decorate

Some fresh mint to decorate

For the icing:

2 handfuls of frozen blueberries

2 tbsp of lemon juice plus an extra squeeze for the blueberry juice

Icing sugar

Optional- A few tbsp of vegan cream cheese


To begin, take your frozen blueberries and add to a pan on a medium heat, add your squeeze of lemon juice and allow to simmer. You will see that the juices will slowly form and after 8-10 minutes of stirring and simmering you will have a lot of blueberry juice in the pan. Take it off the heat and pour through a sieve into a bowl. It is just the juice we are wanting but don't discard the cooked blueberries, use them on your cereal or in another creation. Put the juice to one side to cool.

Next, add the flour, sugar, bicarb, salt and lemon zest to a bowl and mix. Make a little hole in the centre and then pour in your oil, vanilla and lemon juice.

Now that the blueberry juice has cooled you can add a few tablespoons of this to the mixture too. The more you add the darker the colour will be, but don't add too much as this will make the batter too wet.

Once mixed together, take a baking tray, and add a sheet of grease proof paper. Using your spoon, add 6 big dollops on the paper, equally spread apart.

Place in the oven for 8-10 minutes (but keep an eye on it.) Due to the bicarb they come out quite fluffy but once left at room temperature this will soften and 'cookie-fy.'

After they are cooked, if you have any funny shaped edges or if the cookies have melted in to one another just use a knife to cut them into neater shapes. Of course, be sure to eat the leftover cut offs.

Allow to cool and make your topping. I have left this quite vague as I think it has a bit of room to add or take away ingredients depending on the consistency. To start add your lemon juice to a bowl then add a few tablespoons of icing sugar, mix and see if the mixture is runny or thick. Add more icing sugar to create a thicker final topping that should set better. Too runny and it will just run straight off your cookie. Do them same with the blueberry juice, add two table spoons and then your icing sugar until you get a consistency you like. There is the option of adding a few tablespoons of vegan cream cheese to make it really thick and luscious, but this is your call. I thought it gave a nicer finish:

All you have to do then is add your berries (whilst the topping is still wet) and a few smalls sprigs of mint. A fresh and zesty weekend treat.

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