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Invent Your Own World- Mental Health Awareness Week

This mental health awareness week has been really important to me as I know it has for others and I appreciate anyone who has taken the time to read my past 6 posts. If they have been of any use to anyone, even better!

These are just techniques that I have used over the past year to help my own mental wellbeing, they might resonate with you, they might not. The truth is I spent so much time overthinking my problems and worrying nothing would help me, but the simplest answers really do the most good. Eating well, mindfulness, Self care, journaling and therapy might seem glaringly obvious and an easy fix but try it for 30 days and see if you feel any different. The act of simply slowing down and putting attention back onto yourself is sometimes all you need.

One thing that I found to be the most beneficial was choosing who I spent my time with more. You don't realise the effect of being around people who 'don't really get you' until you finally find the people who do. It's like the veil is lifted and you are seeing your true self for the first time.

I spent way too long in romantic relationships that made me feel less than. I also hung around with their friendship groups more than my own because I thought that's what you should do in relationships and was made to feel like the outcast all the time. If enough people you are around daily say that to you, you start to believe it. I really thought it was me. The truth is these just weren't my people and I wasn't theirs.

I am lucky to have a family, a boyfriend and friendship groups who accept me for the messy, work in progress that I am and I am so grateful to them every day for sticking with me when I wasn't able to be there for them.

It is never too late to start showing up for yourself and the people who make your life magic.

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