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How to use our Skin Recovery Concentrate Serum and Jade Roller Set

Apologies for the close up video 🤦 those who know me will know this is not my forte 😂

But we have been selling out of our amazing new serum set recently and so I thought I would post some videos of how to use them... starting with the amazingness that is the Jade roller.

tart by adding a few drops of the recovery serum to you face and lightly rub in.

Beginning at your jaw softly use the larger end of the roller to go along the jawline then down and around the whole of the neck. (This is great if you have a 'puffy' face after drinking a few too many the night before!)

Continue up the side of the jaw towards the hair line and again slightly higher up from the cheek towards the temples.

Gently roll upwards all along your forehead from your eyebrows towards the hairline.

Next use the smaller end of the roller to softly go across your top lip and under your eyes (very gentle here) Be sure to roll up and outwards to the temples.

Finish by rolling upwards between the eyebrows and above the eye (I can get quite tense along my eyebrows if I've been on my computer too much so it feels nice to push a bit harder here sometimes.)

Always remember to keep it light and soft. The main aim is to flush out extra fluid that can make your face puffy and to regain some blood circulation to the surface to get that amazing, effortless glow. If you push too hard or drag the skin it will do more harm than good.

Also take your time, this video is aiming to show the techniques but it would usually take me about 5 minutes to do the whole face and neck.

Allow the serum to soak in for a few minutes before you apply any make up or SPF.

Top tip: Put the jade roller in the fridge overnight to allow for a refreshing morning glow! (It feels so good in this weather too!)

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