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Homemade Vegan Nutella

I am not usually a big fan of chocolate spreads, as I find them a bit too sweet and sugary for first thing in the morning. This homemade version however, is delicious and actually relatively healthy, plus it requires just 4 ingredients! Isn't that just the dream?

I have opted for almond butter in this recipe to give it some added vitamins. Almonds are full of calcium and great for the skin and hair, plus they are brilliant energy boosters. Whilst the added cocoa powder is high in magnesium and known for being a great mood booster.


Ingredients for a 200ml jar:

125g of Almond butter

4tbsp of Maple Syrup

3tbsp of Cocoa Powder

4tbsp of Water


Add all ingredients to a bowl and mix together. I used the back of my spoon to smush (that technical term again) everything together as the almond butter is particularly tough. Once it's all mixed really well, transfer to a jar and pop in the fridge. It really is that easy.

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