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Furoshiki Gift Wrapping

I am smitten with this traditional Japanese style of gift wrap, it ticks many boxes in the sense that it is re-useable, can be created from recycled fabrics, is eco friendly and in general is a really enjoyable craft. Super duper.

Furoshiki wrapping cloth was traditionally used to transport clothes, gifts, or other goods, but is making a name for itself again now because people obviously are a lot more environmentally conscious. What's more is you can even use the fabric as part of the gift if say using a scarf or keepsake handkerchief.

I have used our Sweet Orange and Rosemary Shea Butter Soap as the item being gift wrapped as I think these would make adorable little gifts for friends and family members.

You will need:
Square pieces of fabric (size dependant on the item being wrapped)
Your item to wrap
Twine or ribbon
Fun extras such as dried orange slices or salt dough gift tags (which our very own recipe for can be found here.)

Place your item in the middle of your square like so.

Fold over one side horizontally into the middle.

And the same goes for the other side.

If you get any left over fabric like this above, tuck it underneath the fabric you just folded so that the edge of the fabric ends on the middle/ top of your item (like you would do if you were gift wrapping with paper and wished to sellotape it.)

Turn 90 degrees and twist each side of the fabric like you would do a gift wrapped sweet before grabbing each end and tying in a knot over the item, like this.

You can double tie it if you wish to secure it and leave as is, but I would rather tie once and secure it with thread or twine and a decoration like this

I thought the natural fabric/ twine/ dried orange look for this soap would work well to continue with a handmade and eco-friendly feel, but be sure to have fun with it! What is great is that this can work for most fabrics as long as they aren't too thick.

The fabric used above, for instance I have had saved for years in a suitcase, topped off with a salt dough star painted white, and this below is a vintage handkerchief with a salt dough tag left natural.

I just think it is a great alternative to gift wrap this Christmas, gift it a go and let me know how you get on!

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