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Food Therapy- Mental Health Awareness Week

I've come to realise over the last year how much food can effect your wellbeing. Not just because of the added vitamins and minerals, the way it gives you more energy or the fact that you might look fitter and more glowing. It is more to do with how it effects your mental health.

Your gut is kind of like your second brain. It is lined with millions of nerve cells, microbes and bacteria that communicate with the body and can effect your immune system, emotions, psyche, physical health and mental health.

Eating too much sugar and processed foods can cause the bad microbes to grow more and cause an imbalance in your emotions or hormones. They will also make you reach for more of these sugary foods and then it is just a big vicious circle.

I have noticed in particular that if I have one too many alcoholic drinks, or eat poor quality foods I get much more brain fog, mood swings and irritability. Since eating more healthy after starting this 'Wild Living Journey' and focusing on plant based foods and recipes I can concentrate more, have much more energy and far less anxiety.

Watch an interesting TED Talks about microbes here

With all that in mind, I have added a recipe for delicious beetroot hummus filled with all the gut friendly goodies: Beetroot (of course) chickpeas, tahini, garlic and lemon. Serve them up with an array of rainbow raw veg and you are looking at a healthy and tasty snack that is not only great for your gut but for your mind too.

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