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Eucalyptus Diffuser Blends

Lovely Eucalyptus. It's such a relaxing, yet uplifting scent and used the world over in Spas and therapy rooms as it has the amazing ability to make a room feel fresh and clean, yet also help make any tension or aches you have melt away. Take a look at our previous post the benefits of hanging Eucalyptus in your shower or bath, as this is a really easy way to use the plant in it's fresh form too rather than the oil. Either way, however you use it in your home, i'm sure you will love it just as much as we do!

The benefits of using Eucalyptus:

- Great for energy, clarity and focus.

So ideal for using in a home office or homework area for children

- Aids with sinus, headache and allergy relief If you are feeling under the weather, lay down on your bed and place your diffuser next to you, Close your eyes and take deep breathes.

- A room cleansing scent.

Perfect if you are wanting to spring clean and allow some fresh air to circulate the space. It also makes rooms like the kitchen and bathroom smell nice and clean.

- Great for respiratory health

Wherever you put your diffuser around your house, the added eucalyptus oil will remove any stuffiness from the room and your body too!

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