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Cucumber And Aloe Eye Masks

Don't be fooled by this green soup and ravioli moon things, these are cucumber and aloe eye pads designed to be used on the eyes only, and I assure you they are magic!

If you have been working late or not sleeping well and need some refreshing on the old peepers, this mask is just wonderful. To be honest, even if you have been having the best sleep of your life and your eyes are great, i'd still say get a couple of these babies on while you are catching up with the TV or reading a book as it just feels so refreshing and cooling.

The skin around my eyes felt lighter, tighter and totally soothed all day after having these on for 10 or so minutes.

As if all of this is not good enough, the recipe only requires 2 ingredients; literally cucumber and aloe vera. It also take about 5 minutes to make. I know right, seems too good to be true.


Ingredients for about 12 eye pads:

Approximately 3 inches of cucumber

1 small to medium sized Aloe leaf (you are looking at approximately 2 tsps of aloe gel)

Organic cotton pads

That is literally it!


Take your diced cucumber and whack it into a bowl or mixing tub like I have here.

Then take your aloe vera leaf, snip up one side with a pair of scissors or a knife to open it up and then scrape all the gloopy goodness out from both sides of the leaf. Add this to the bowl too.

I then used my trusty hand blender to mix it all together. You can also throw it in a blender though too.

You will see it quickly turns into frothy, green water which is actually exactly what we want.

Then it's time to take your cotton pads, cut them in half and stick them one by one in the mixture ensuring they are covered front and back. Once you have done all 12, you can use straight away. I however like to freeze them in a sandwich bag (keep them laid flat and not touching to they don't freeze together.) Then every time you feel in need of some refreshing, simply take two pads out on a plate and leave for about an hour in room temperature so they melt and are the perfect consistency to bob onto your under eyes. Alternatively you can pull them out and put in the fridge overnight to defrost too. Leave for about 10-15 mins, preferably whilst you are doing something relaxing, then remove and rinse with cool water.

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