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Chestnut Soup (Vegan)

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

What is more Christmassy then a creamy bowl of chestnut soup? I wanted to try this as a delicious vegan alternative for a Christmas starter, as I often find that the usual vegan starters can be a bit samey and mostly mushroom based (though I am not complaining as I love mushrooms!) But actually, teamed with some rustic bread, this would make a really nice treat anytime of the day/ evening on the run up to Christmas, or even on those relaxing days after.

This makes about 4 large bowls, or if you are serving as a Christmas starter you could make smaller bowls for 6-8 people.



1 and a half medium white onions

1.5 lbs of cooked chestnuts

2/3 teaspoons of chopped rosemary

500ml of soy milk

500ml veg stock

Salt and pepper

Tablespoon of vegan butter

Olive oil

A handful of chestnuts for the top of the soup (3 per person should do.)


This soup is actually very quick and easy to make, the main reason being that chestnuts have already been cooked and peeled when purchased. I actually thought they would be quite hard to find but I came across these readily available in my local supermarket- Winner!

Start by chopping your onions and frying in the oil for 5 minutes on a medium heat.

Add the chestnuts and cook for another few minutes, making sure to stir regularly.

Add the veg stock, bring to the boil then add the rosemary, salt and pepper and cook on a medium heat for a further 15 minutes.

While this is cooking, heat the butter on low heat in a frying pan and add the other chestnuts with a pinch of salt, cook for about 10 minutes, stirring and flipping regularly so they don't burn.

Turn down the heat on the soup and pour in the milk. Simmer for another few minutes then using a hand blender, carefully blend the soup together.

Serve the soup straight away with a sprinkling or chopped rosemary and the roasted chestnuts. Alternatively make ahead of time and store in the fridge for a few days until needed.

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