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Bowie Baby Mobile

This Bowie themed clay hanging is the perfect addition to a baby or kid's bedroom wall or, if you are nice like me, it would make a great gift to welcome a new family member!

This is a similar make to the boho moon phase hanging decoration also on the blog, except that it requires just a bit more detail and some drawing too. Obviously it doesn't necessarily have to be Ziggy Stardust related, it could just as easily have another, more personal quote, or even be left blank. But then, you know where is the fun in that?


You will need:

Twine or string, I used white string as it was a touch more delicate and hangs better than twine.

Ready to roll white craft clay

A rolling pin

A good stick

Cookie cutters and a knife

Cookie alphabet presses (small letters that you can push into batter or clay, available online)

A bamboo skewer




As per usual, we begin this journey with a good stick. Once you have a stick you deem good enough for this decoration, sand it down to get rid of any grime and extra bark.

Next, get a nice chunk of white clay and lay it on a flat surface. It is much better to take less here and grab more if you need it rather than trying to add any left overs back into the bag as it will already have began drying out.

Remember that once you have taken what you want from the clay to close the packaging tight and seal it in an airtight container as it will dry out otherwise.

Roll it out to about 1/3rd of a cm thick all over. Take your cookie cutters and cut out a few different sized stars and circles. Then using a knife, carefully cut out a large cloud, a waning moon and a lightening bolt.

Lay all of your shapes flat and decide on a format you prefer, like below. Now decide on your chosen wording and individually push in your letters on the larger shapes. This one says, 'Babe you are made of... stardust.'

Also at this point you need to use your bamboo skewer to add the holes at the top and/ or bottom of your shapes. Remember you need to be able to hang it as well as attach another piece below on some of the pieces.

Leave to dry overnight.

Once dried, it's time to decorate. I added a layer of white, even though it is white clay already, just to make it stand out better. I obviously also added some gold to allow the lightening bolt to stand out too, Ziggy style.

If you want to, take a black biro or fine tip felt pen and draw on some sleepy eyes like I have as well.

Then take your string and tie knots along the length of the stick for where you want the shapes to be and snip off at the length you would like them to hang (always better to make them a little longer just incase you make any mistakes.) Be sure to also tie a length of string from about 1/3rd in of each side of the stick so you can hang the whole decoration when done. I also wrapped some twine around the stick because I thought it looked nice, but you don't necessarily have to.

Loop the string into the holes of each shape and tie them in a knot tight. Snip off each section before you do the next one

Carefully add to your wall and see how it looks. Adjust any strings if it need be.


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