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Autumnal Apple and Blackberry Balsamic Oil

This is a really easy and delicious little side recipe using leftover juices from our Blackberry and Apple Oaty breakfast crumble, which is great because we hate waste. As my Grandad would say: 'Waste not want not!' So there you have it, use your juices... my Grandad has spoken.

The process is simple, and requires just the leftover caramelised apple, blackberry, lemon juice, orange zest and honey/ maple syrup juices from the cooked filling from the recipe.

Simply pour out a cup full and leave to cool down. Then fill up approximately half a recycled bottle with the juices, following with a ratio of 1/4 balsamic to 3/4 in the remaining half. I also added a sprig of rosemary so it can infuse it. Leave in the fridge and use on winter salads, roasted veg, cheese on toast (It was wonderful with goat's cheese!) The choice is yours.

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