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Argan and Olive Oil Cleansing Face Pads

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

I don't know about you, but my skincare routine has taken a bit of a dive these past couple of weeks. What with gorging endlessly on salty snacks and indulging in one too many shandies before falling asleep with my make up on, the skin on my face in particular has lost it's sparkle a bit.

I am a quick fix type of girl, so a long, laborious skin care routine to remove my make up everyday just would not last at all. I know myself too well by now to pretend I will go to the bathroom every night and spend 10 minutes on a 6 part programme to remove any impurities.

This is why I love these cleansing pads. They are simple, easy to make and you can leave them by your bed in the jar ready for any late night cleansing. Not to mention they're GREAT for your skin. I mean we are talking 3 of the best oils for the skin here including:

Coconut oil, known for it's moisturising and antibacterial properties, it is great at removing making up and also smoothing any rough skin.

Argan oil which is super hydrating and soothing on the skin, it restores skin elasticity and also helps in strengthening hair follicles (which is great for your eyelashes and eyebrows when removing your eye make up daily.)

Olive oil, another wonderful make up remover, it can also help with dark circles and protects against free radicals.

I used to just use coconut oil to remove my make up, but often found that as it is quite a heavy oil, it left my eyes blurry for hours afterwards! It also brought me out in spots if I used it too often so this combination of the three different oils, mixed with the water helps reduce this and leaves my skin nice and smooth without being too oily. I found that it's great, when soaked in to the skin, to use as a base for make up too.


Ingredients for a 100ml sized jar:

1 jar with tight seal lid (recycled ones work great!)

2 tablespoons of Coconut Oil

3 Tablespoons of Olive oil

3 Tablespoons of Argan Oil

70-80ml Fresh filtered water

Organic cotton pads


Add all of your ingredients to a bowl and mix. Take some organic cotton pads and add to the jar. Slowly add your mixture a bit at a time over the top of the pads ensuring it doesn't overflow over the edges and that each cotton pad is coated. You will see that the pads soak up the mixture fairly quickly.

Once filled to the top, close the lid tight. When needed simply take a cotton pad from the jar and softly rub all over your face and neck. To remove eye make up hold the pad on the eye for a couple of seconds and then softly wipe the make up away. Shake the jar well before every use.

Once you are out of pads, simply repeat the recipe again. Once you start using them, if you find that you have excess oil left over and your pads are a bit too 'wet' as the mixture settles at the bottom, just add more pads to the jar as you go. Remember to close the lid tight and shake well to make sure each pad is coated.

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