Fern Plant

Our Values


Our dream is to own a business that adds to the World rather than takes from it. This is why our Wild Living products are all handmade using natural and sustainable ingredients wherever possible.

Our stationery items are all printed on recycled and FSC approved quality paper stock and packaged in compostable cellophane envelopes. The labels and belly bands used for our skincare are FSC approved too.

Our lovely postage boxes are all made using recycled and compostable card and any added extras such as brown tape and filler are also recycled and compostable.

We use glass bottles rather than plastic for our skincare and offer a reduced price on our customer's next order if they return their used bottles and jars.

There is still a way to go though and we will continuously work towards being as eco friendly, carbon neutral and sustainable as possible in the next few years.


Our suppliers

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We want to team up with like minded businesses to create a better World. Focusing on wellbeing products that are natural, sustainable, earth conscious, vegan or Fair Trade Federation Certified and, most importantly, supportive of the artisans who make them.

We believe in a cleaner, greener journey to a more purposeful lifestyle, using businesses that work directly with their creators to design beautiful, ethnic products suitable for the western world.

As women ourselves, we like to focus on supporting all the women on our journey, for example the artisan women who create much of our jewellery earn 2-4 times the minimum wage in their country, as well as health insurance and education stipends for their children.


Mental health

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As people who have experienced the benefits of mental wellbeing first hand, we enjoy learning from our wonderful stockists, hearing their journeys and mental health stories.

It is important now, more than ever to know that we are not alone in the wild fields of our mental health journey and by teaming up with like minded businesses who have also weathered the storms, we know that each and every item we sell is tried and tested by the people who have needed it most.


We have a huge focus on mindfulness alongside books and cards which we believe help give us the words when we are unable to speak them ourselves. This side of our business is ever growing so do check in to see what's new regularly.